Hey, friend. I’m Ben Whitla.

I build and expand early–growth and at–scale brands by way of branding & marketing.

I’m Head of Brand, Marketing, and Communications at a stealth startup in the EV space.

Before that I was CMO at Religion of Sports. Prior to that, Head of Brand & Creative at Grubhub. Previously I built brands at Known where I led our work for TikTok (earning them AdAge Marketer of the Year), Rockefeller Center (which led to their historic rebranding), Shift4 (where we worked with SpaceX and St Jude on the first all civilian mission to space – creating a Super Bowl Campaign, Netflix series and tons more), as well as others.

I was a founding partner at Great Big Story where I led Brand & Creative Partnerships. I’ve also created the brand and original can designs for Lord Hobo Brewing Company.

LinkedIn is still the best way to figure out where I’ve worked in the past. I’m pretty good at email, too.